Fuji FCR XG1 Cr system

Fuji FCR XG1 Cr system

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    Fuji Xg1 Smart CR

    Fujifilm’s FCR XG-1 Computed Radiography system greatly simplifies digital X-ray imaging. This extremely compact device reads and processes digital X-ray image information that’s been recorded on an imaging plate (IP) using a cassette-type X-ray stand. Simple by adding the XG-1 to your existing equipment,

    your radiography room can provide all the benefits of a highly advanced digital system, without having to replace all of your equipment. Portability and connectivity features ensure unprecedented versatility, since you can move the imager outside the radiology department, establish a remote imaging network,

    then quickly and easily print out hard copies on film using an image recorder. FCR XG-1 the digital X-ray imaging system that’s easy-to-use and goes anywhere.