Services & Support

Service and Support

For over twenty years, DU has been consulting with healthcare facilities worldwide to provide ultrasound service, parts and equipment in both hospital and private practice settings. Based on our experience, expertise and financial stability, we’ve developed a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy ultrasound provider that our customers rely on. Our service contract offerings are customized to best suit the support and budgetary requirements of our customers because our priority is to help you protect the investment you made in your ultrasound equipment. From selection to support, we are your greatest resource for  Siemens, Toshiba, Mindray, Philips, GE,  ultrasound equipment and support.

We Partner with Biomedical Departments to Protect and Maintain Your Ultrasound Equipment

In many facilities, biomedical departments are the front line support. Any requests for replacement parts are handled by our sales team that can provide or locate parts, probes, and accessories for every major original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We ship priority, so replacement parts arrive the next day and you can be confident they are tested and reconditioned to insure complete quality and reliability.

When technical support is needed, an engineer is accessible 24×7 to help determine the problem and order parts, in order to get the ultrasound system up the next day.

We're There When You Need Us!

DU maintains a team of dedicated services and support professionals to ensure our customers ultrasound systems have maximum uptime and protection. Ultrasound and other Medical equipments System Parts and Repairs.

UMI is pleased to offer a complete process for repairing Ultrasound Probes, PC Boards, and most other components of ultrasound systems.  Replacement parts are available at an affordable cost.  We carry a substantial ultrasound inventory from manufacturers including GE, Mindray, Siemens, Toshiba, Philips, and SonoSite.

  • Ultrasound PC Boards
  • Ultrasound Power Supplies
  • Ultrasound Monitors
  • Ultrasound Trackballs
  • Ultrasound Keyboards
  • Heart Lung Machines
  • Hypothermia
  • Ventilators

We provide the following services

  • Delivery
  • Probe Heads Replacement
  • Ultrasound Software and Hardware Upgrades
  • Monitors, VCRs, Printers-Repair and Replace
  • Trained Service Engineers throughout

Ultrasound License keys /options Keys

We have the option key activation for following Ultrasounds

  1. Siemens options license generators for all Ultrasounds Xrays and CT Scan.
  2. Siemens service Keygenerators.20bit ( 4 types , dos gen ,script gen, app sw 9.3 and 5.4) and 280bit kg
  3. Philips CT Service key generators.
  4. Philips options licenses Key generators
  5. Philips ultrasounds licenses and service key generators.
  6. GE CT , MRI , AWS options license Key generators.
  7. Ge ultrasounds Logic ,Vivid and Voluson Options license Key generators.
  8. TOSHIBA Ultrasounds  License Key generators.