Fuji FCR T2 CR system

Fuji FCR T2 CR system

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    Fuji FCR T2 CR system

    Ideal for Private Practices

    FCR Prima T2 has been designed for those private practitioners with low volume imaging environments. Small, light, fast, it has everything a smart private practice wants in digital x-ray. At just 86 pounds and with a footprint of only 3.2 square feet, it’s one of the smallest table top CR systems available.

    Impressive Speed and Image Quality

    The FCR Prima T2 stands out for its stunning combination of price, speed and remarkable image quality. Its throughput ranges from a rapid 47 to an outstanding 73 images per hour depending on cassette size. Its 100-micron images provide impressive resolution while Fujifilm’s processing technology ensures your first image is ideal.

    Workstation Flexibility

    ​FCR Prima T2 is available with the FDX Console and FCRView workstations. The FDX Console is Fujifilm’s most cutting edge acquisition workstation, designed to streamline the operation of digital image acquisition products. It features Fujifilm’s most advanced image processing: Dynamic Visualization™. The FCRView is a complete image management solution that provides users with a comprehensive set of tools to acquire,view and archive images all from one workstation.

    Technical Specifications:

    FCR Prima T2

    IP Cassette Type III-CC

    – 14 x 17″ (35 x 45 cm)

    – 14 x 14″ (35 x 35 cm)

    – 10 x 12″ (24 x 30 cm)

    – 8 x 10″

    – 15 x 30 cm

    Time required for IP feed/ load: Min. 49 sec. (14 x 17″)

    Processing capacity: Up to 73 IPs/hr

    Reading specification: 10 pixels/ mm, 5 pixels/ mm

    Time to start on display: Min. 33 sec.

    Footprint: Less than 2.5 sq. ft.

    Width: 22″ (56 cm)

    Depth: 21″ (54 cm)

    Height: 15″ (39.2 cm)

    Weight: 86 lbs. (39 kg)

    Power requirements: Single phase 50- 60 Hz, AC 120-240 V ±10% 1.9A (max)