About us

About us

DIgital Ultrasounds

DU has been delivering Digital ultrasound machines and other Medical equipment expertise and solutions to our satisfied clinicians and biomedical engineers. Our customers rely on us as a trusted source capable of answering all their ultrasound needs for products, upgrades, services, and training.
We believe Service and Support are at the heart of why customers continue to partner with us year after year. We are committed to their satisfaction with a suite of service offerings that highlight One Call our direct support access 24X7. There are four tiers to DU service programs, with each one structured to deliver the right support level customers need at an affordable price giving customers peace of mind and the confidence to rely on DU.
Our company vision is to evolve fully as the premier resource for physicians providing them with compact ultrasound equipment while working within their budget, servicing their systems and transducers should the need arise, and offering ongoing support whether through online system training or continued education.
Private practice physicians have a partner in DU who understands their challenges and is here to work through them so that they can grow their practice and focus on what they do best, while we assist them with what we do best.



Our state of the art Digital Ultrasounds and Medical Equipment’s products featuring the latest imaging technology ensure your diagnostic imaging practice is conducted efficiently and accurately. Our products are supplied by a variety of renowned manufacturers who specialize in manufacturing high quality medical equipment.
We understand that technology is always on the verge of developing and changing, and the medical imaging technology isn’t any different either. This is why our endeavor is to always stay up to date with the latest imaging technology by providing the most forward imaging equipment and instruments.


Company Values

Our main field of business is the distribution of Ultrasound, ECG, Patient Monitors, Heartlung Machines, ICU Ventilators and hospital Equipment’s  etc.

DU is  based on a foundation of values that defines who we are. These values include:

  • Integrity: At the heart of our values lies integrity. Integrity is embedded within our group and we look forward to providing completely honest and reliable solutions and services to you.
  • Transparency: Our transparency is one of the major elements that makes clients trust us. We are transparent in everything – from our prices to our service.
  • Dedication: The people behind DU are extremely passionate about making a difference and we are committed to providing quality solutions to the medical diagnostics industry.
  • Flexibility: We scale our solutions to meet your needs – we are flexible in our service and enjoy helping our clients in any way we can.