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Ultrasound Probes Types and working


Ultrasound Probes Types and working


There are three main types of transducers To utilize the full potential of your Digital  ultrasound system,



phased/sector transducers.

In addition, there are many specialty transducers, such as endocavity, transesophageal, volume, and continuous wave (CW)/pencil transducers

  1. Convex Probe: This probe looks like a small, rounded plate. It’s used for most general ultrasound scans, like checking a baby in a pregnant woman’s belly.
  2. Linear Probe: This one is long and narrow, like a small flashlight. It’s great for detailed images, like looking at blood vessels or muscles.
  3. Transvaginal Probe: This probe is quite thin and is used for ultrasounds inside a woman’s vagina. It’s often used to check on the health of the reproductive organs.
  4. Transrectal Probe: Similar to the transvaginal probe, this one is used for ultrasounds in the rectum, mostly to check the prostate gland in men.
  5. Phased Array Probe: This probe is more advanced and can change the direction of the ultrasound beams. It’s used for heart and vascular imaging because it can capture moving structures well.
  6. Endocavity Probe: This probe is a bit larger and is used for looking inside the body, often during surgical procedures or to examine the stomach or bladder.
  7. Intracavity Probe: This type is used for very specialized exams, like checking the inside of the esophagus or the inside of blood vessels.
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