MAMMOMAT Digital Mammography

MAMMOMAT Digital Mammography

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    Siemens has developed a system for digital mammography that matches your demands: MAMMOMAT Inspiration. This mammography platform for screening, diagnostics, stereotactic biopsy, and 3D tomo synthesis allows for one or all applications on a modular basis.

    The design of MAMMOMAT Inspiration is one of a kind. Its smooth round shapes and clear lines are emphasized by the soothing cover colors of pastel pink, lime, and silver. These colors are carried into design of the operating buttons and underline the individual style of MAMMOMAT Inspiration.

    The most significant design element is the unique LED light panel providing a more comfortable screening environment. MAMMOMAT Inspiration’s MoodLight* can easily be set according to your personal preference: You may choose a setting that changes the color of the light dynamically throughout the day, or you may choose just one color that best matches your environment.

    The primary advantage of MAMMOMAT Inspiration is low dose. To match the breast density and thickness of your patients, it offers three anode/ filter combinations: Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, and W/Rh. Opdose® automatically selects the best anode/filter combination and the lowest dose for the individual breast characteristics. With its Tungsten technology, the system gives you the possibility to examine even dense breasts with shorter exposure times and significantly reduced dose. Siemens’ intelligent Opcomp® function applies compression only as long as the patient’s breast is soft and pliable. For best image quality, it stops at the point of optimal compression. The material composition of the paddles provides a warm and smooth feeling during the exam.