LOGIQ P10 XDClear Ultrasound

LOGIQ P10 XDClear Ultrasound

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    LOGIQ P10 XDClear Ultrasound

    The new LOGIQ P10 XDclear ultrasound system brings you advanced ways to increase everyday efficiency — tools and functions you can customize to your own preferences so exams flow easily, your way.

    he GE LOGIQ P10 XDClear Ultrasound System provides accurate and high-precision ultrasound imaging data of a patient. Logiq P10 is an AI-enabled primary care ultrasound system with precise tools that are designed to enable fast patient assessments and confident decisions.

    Adaptable and Easy-to-use: This ultrasound system offers great ease to health care providers with its utilitarian design and configuration. A wide LCD monitor has an intuitive interface and gives a clear and bright display of the ultrasound image and other important data. A console, composed of a touch panel and a keyboard with a set of pre-programmed quick-access buttons and knobs, provides easier and greater control to the user.

    Facilitates Simple Workflow: Proprietary algorithms synthesize patient data and enable fast assessments and confident decisions. The underlying platform provides a common user experience and simplifies training protocols. The software includes several display modes and diagrams to facilitate easy and quick assessment.

    Precision Assessment Applications: The wide variety of high-quality precision probes that adapt to this system, are useful for a number of applications. These probes provide a crisp and clear image of the target area, facilitating critical procedures like cardiac assessment, perioperative care, tendon, muscle and joint assessment, pediatric assessment and neonatal care.

    XDclear Technology: This ultrasound system works with XDClear transducers to provide better imaging results. GE developed the XDClear ultrasound probe technology by precise engineering to deliver a more powerful, pure and efficient sound wave with a wider bandwidth than the traditional GE transducer technology and reduced noise.