Aloka SSD 3500sx

Aloka SSD 3500sx

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    Aloka SSD 3500sx

    The Aloka ProSound SSD-3500SX can be customized according to your specific application needs, offering greater simplicity of operation

    A Platform for Digital Pure Beam Imaging

    The strengths of the Aloka Prosound SSD-3500SX – Diagnostic Ultrasound include clear imaging, great versatility, user-friendly design, and comprehensive data management. Enjoy the functions and performance you require in your clinical practice.

    The high performance of the 3500SX stems from the state-of-the-art technologies developed for our premium performance ProSound systems. The Aloka Prosound SSD-3500SX offers great versatility over an extensive range of clinical applications with abundant specialty probes and flexible system architecture.

    The system can be customized according to your specific application needs, offering greater simplicity of operation. The ProSound 3500SX proves its worth in your clinical practice.

    Advancing Digital Technology
    In pursuit of high image quality for more detailed examination

    • Tissue Harmonic Echo ( T.H.E.)
    • Multi-Beam Processing
    • 12 bit A/D Converter
    • Diversified Specialty Probes
    • PixelFocus

    The Brilliance of Life in 4D Images
    Easy-to-understand images promote dialog between doctor and mother

    • Real-time 3D (4D)
    • Variable view point
    • Multi-planar display
    • Abdominal 4D probe
    • Transvaginal 4D probe

    Provides the Images You Want to See
    Furnished with functions to help provide clinically useful images

    • High-resolution Zoom
    • Free Angular M-mode (FAM)
    • Dual Dynamic Display (D.D.D.)
    • Quint Frequency Imaging (Q.F.I.)

    Simple and Easy to Use
    For higher patient throughput and efficient data management

    • Customizable Operation Panel
    • Ergonomic design

    Supports Comprehensive Data Management
    To manage patient information and image data flexibly

    • Sophisticated Measurement / Report functions
    • Digital Data Management with Multiple Media
    • Connectable with DICOM network
    • Superb Image Quality