Ge Logiq e Portable Color Doplor

Ge Logiq e Portable Color Doplor

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    Ge Logiq e Portable Color Doplor

    The GE Logiq e ultrasound is perhaps one of the most widely used and well-known portable ultrasounds on the market today. Designed as a mid-range, laptop-sized device, the GE Logiq e balances features and price for its shared-service capabilities for OB/GYN, abdominal, GI, point-of-care, and cardiovascular applications. Some of the main benefits of the GE Logiq e ultrasound include:

    GE Logiq e Diagnostic Imaging

    The GE Logiq e ultrasound is widely popular for some of the most pressing medical and diagnostic imaging applications, including anesthesia, head and neck, musculoskeletal, point-of-care, rheumatology, OB/GYN, abdominal, and more.
    To aid users in providing better, more accurate diagnostic imaging, the GE Logiq e leverages some of the following technologies:

    • TruScan Architecture
    • Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) helps detect blood flow
    • Rendered panoramic images up to 60cm
    • Simultaneous split-screen that shows two, side-by-side images for live scanning
    • SmartScan and ComfortScan technologies

    GE Logiq e Ultrasound Ease-of-Use

    Providing improved image resolution and quality in point-of-care situations, along with anatomy-specific presets and the ability to display only the functions you need, the GE Logiq e ultrasound allows users to focus more on the patient and the task at-hand, instead of the ultrasound’s control panel. For this reason, whether you’re conducting basic scans or more advanced procedures.

    The GE Logiq e is also fully digital and allows for export to external hard drive, network, flash drive, and DVD.

    Lastly, the GE Logiq e ultrasound is highly portable, weighing about 11.5lbs, and in combination with its durability, the GE Logiq e serves as a reliable tool when conducting on-site scans.

    Providian also carries New GE Logiq e ultrasound machines at BT12 revision level with an extended warranty included in the price