Aloka Prosound 6

Aloka Prosound 6

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    Winner of the International Forum Product Design Award, the Aloka ProSound Alpha 6 leads the way in today’s generation of diagnostic imaging. Useful for women’s health care applications, the Aloka ProSound Alpha 6 ultrasound equipment would make an excellent addition to the diagnostic care of your medical practice. The ergonomic design of the Aloka ProSOund Alpha 6 ultrasound unit allows for ease-of-use thanks to features such as customizable panel switches and touch screen controls, and a compact and lightweight design for easy portability.


    • Incorporation of technologies developed for our higher-end models of theProSound series.
    • High-definition, high quality imaging for a wide range of applications.
    • Excellent image processing functions: Broadband Harmonics (BbH), Adaptive
    • Image Processing (AIP), Spatial Compound Imaging (SCI).
    • High blood flow definition: eFLOW
    • A wide variety of analytical software including eTRACKING and TDI Analysis.

    User Friendly

    • The operation panel’s height adjustment mechanism allows for easier operation and enhancement of examination efficiency.
    • Large touch panel screen boosting visibility and easier operation.
    • Optimized switch layout according to frequency of use.


    • Small main body size accomplished by integration of electronic circuits.
    • Mobility, easy handling and portability assured by the light weight and compact size.

    Incredible Imaging Technology Bringing About High Versatility

    • Broadband Harmonics(BbH)
    • Adaptive Image Processing (AIP)
    • Spatial Compound Imaging (SCI)
    • Image Optimizer
    • eFLOW

    Confident Observations and Measurements For Both Mother and Child

    • Spatio-temporal Image Correlation (STIC)
    • Dynamic Slow-motion Display (DSD)
    • Real-time Free Angular M-mode (FAM)
    • Automated Nuchal Translucency (NT) Measurement


    ProSound 6 offers a full complement of various analyzing software. Dual Dynamic Display (D.D.D.), Free Angular M-mode (FAM), and Doppler Auto Trace make daily examinations more comfortable. Software such as Asynchrony Study, Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI), Strain, eTRACKING provide more detailed, quantitative evaluation. The ProSound 6 is ready for the fundamentals and more.

    • Automated IMT Measurement
    • eTRACKING (Echo Tracking)