Fujifilm ARIETTA 65 IntuitiveFusion ultrasound

Fujifilm ARIETTA 65 IntuitiveFusion ultrasound

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    Fujifilm Arietta 850

    Fujifilm ARIETTA 65 IntuitiveFusion

    • Compact multi-disciplinary platform with comfortable workflow, high definition imaging and useful application from premium platform
    • Unique image processing technology underpin outstanding image quality
    • Automated process features: Protocol Assistant, Auto-Optimizer, Auto Measurement
    • Wide range of transducers for all applications
    • Advanced modalities & analysis: SWM, ATT, 3D/4D Dual gate Doppler, Strain Elastography, CEUS, 2DTT…

    The ARIETTA 65 IntuitiveFusion is a compact system integrating Biopsy software, which have advanced prostate fusion biopsy capabilities, into the ARIETTA 65 Diagnostic Ultrasound system for prostate cancer diagnosis to treatment support. It can be used not only in operating rooms where space is limited, but also in outpatient clinics, meeting the needs of a wide range of Urologists, from beginners to experts.