Emperor G76 Color Doplor

Emperor G76 Color Doplor

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    Emperor G76 Color Doppler

    The new high-performance whole-body application platform, smart and ingenious shape, extremely smooth and comfortable operating experience, contains diversified personalized software measurement packages, to meet the clinical diagnosis needs of the whole department, AI intelligent auxiliary diagnosis technology, escort your professional diagnosis

    eSurface Rendering Technology

    A leading 3D/4D rendering algorithm which improves on special resolution and vividness of fetal features.

    eSpeed One Key Optimization

    Automatic acoustic adjustment for optimal image by multiple and retrospective channel smart data processing

    eView Panoramic Imaging

    With the movement of the probe, the scan stitching speed is displayed in real time, and the ultra-wide field of view image formed by the scanning track of the probe is obtained.

    eFCI  Frequency Compound Imaging

    Delivers imaging with high resolution at different depth through allowing simultaneous transmission of high & low echo frequencies

    eSCI Spatial Compound Imaging

    A number of co-planar, tomographic ultrasound images of an object are obtained from different directions to form a single compounded image. Its result would show significantly reduction in the speckle, clutter, and other acoustic artifacts

    eHelper Ultrasound  Education Assistant

    Covering multiple clinical applications such as abdomen, small organs, urology and gynecology, providing professional scanning techniques, reference atlas, standardized ultrasound image examples, help beginner clinicians to learn and improve the accuracy of case screening.