Aloka Prosound Alpha 5 SX

Aloka Prosound Alpha 5 SX

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    Aloka Prosound Alpha 5 SX

    The Aloka ProSound Alpha 5SX ultrasound unit produces high-quality images to allow ultrasound technicians and healthcare providers to diagnose patients accurately. The Aloka ProSound Alpha 5SX meets the needs of a vast array of applications

    Advanced Technologies

    HDDF: High Density Digital Front end Using nanotechnology. We have developed a unique high-speed digital processor  specifically for ultrasonic signal processing. Ultrasound beam can be transmitted to and received from high-density probes through a wide aperture.

    HR-FSB: High Resolution Front Side Bus Analog signals from each transducer are sampled at the frequency of 320 MHz and converted to 12-bit digital data.

    PST: Pure Sound Transmission Transmits only the signal components necessary for beam forming in a controlled waveform.

    HST (Hemispheric Sound Technology) Probe The HST probe integrates comprehensive technologies including Fine transducer cutting, Micro-wiring, Reduced cross-talk between transducer elements,

    D-THE: Definitive Tissue Harmonic Echo Sharp and crisp images, high-contrast resolution.