Aloka Prosound Alpha 5 SX

Aloka Prosound Alpha 5 SX

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    The Aloka ProSound Alpha 5SX ultrasound unit produces high-quality images to allow ultrasound technicians and healthcare providers to diagnose patients accurately. The Aloka ProSound Alpha 5SX meets the needs of a vast array of applications, making it a versatile ultrasound unit for a variety of imaging needs. Full of features such as high contrast resolution, high-density digital front-end, and pure sound transmission, the Aloka ProSound Alpha 5Sx ultrasound equipment will provide your medical setting with tools necessary to make a quick and accurate diagnoses, and reduce exam times for your patients.

    Advanced Technologies

    HDDF: High Density Digital Front end Using nanotechnology. We have developed a unique high-speed digital processor  pecifically for ultrasonic signal processing. Ultrasound beam can be transmitted to and received from high-density probes through a wide aperture, enabling higher sensitivity imaging at a higher frequency.

    HR-FSB: High Resolution Front Side Bus Analog signals from each transducer are sampled at the frequency of 320 MHz and converted to 12-bit digital data, which is equivalent to as high as 4096 gradations.

    PST: Pure Sound Transmission Transmits only the signal components necessary for beam forming in a controlled waveform. The results are high-sensitivity, high-resolution fundamental frequency images and tissue harmonic images.

    HST (Hemispheric Sound Technology) Probe The HST probe integrates comprehensive technologies including Fine transducer cutting, Micro-wiring, Reduced cross-talk between transducer elements, etc. The transducer creates sound sources close to an ideal hemispheric shape, which significantly reduces artifact and enhances spatial resolution.

    D-THE: Definitive Tissue Harmonic Echo Sharp and crisp images, high-contrast resolution, and superb spatial sensitivity of D-THE are the result of integrating both PST and HST technologies.

    iDMS (Integrated Data Management System) Permits patient and image data management. Graphical display of measurement results and thumbnail display of stored ultrasound images are useful for routine examination. Compatible to DICOM 3.0 data communication.