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Echo Ultrasound


Echo Cardiography

An Echo Cardiographs uses sound waves to show how blood flows through the heart and heart valves. Sensors attached to the chest and sometimes the legs check the heart rhythm during the test. The test can help a health care provider diagnose heart conditions.

No radiation is emitted during an echo cardiograghy. This distinguishes echo cardiography from other examinations, like X-rays and CT scans that employ minimal radiation exposure.

Who does echo tests and why?

echo is done by a specialist known as a cardiac radiologist or cardiologist . They have been schooled in the art of conducting echo tests with cutting-edge equipment. Both the operating room and the catheterization lab are within their comfort zones zones.

Exactly how many distinct varieties of echo cardiography exist?

Many distinct echo cardiograms are available. There are a variety of tools available for identifying and treating heart disease, and each one has its own advantages. There are several of them, such as

  • Echo cardiography of the heart is heart is performed through the chest.
  • trans oesophageal echo cardiography echo cardiography
  • The echo cardiography was performed while the subject was exercising under stress.

What methods does echo cardiography employ?

Sonography in two dimensions (2D).

Ultrasound in three dimensions (3D)

Doppler ultrasound.

Tissue imaging under stress.

Approximately how long does it take to perform an echo cardiography ?

In most cases, an echo cardiography  echo cardiography will take between 20 and 30 minutes. The average time for a trans esophageal echo is around 90 minutes.

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