Toshiba Xario XG color Doplor

Toshiba Xario XG color Doplor

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    Toshiba Xario XG Color Doplor


    Toshiba offers a full range of diagnostic imaging products and is a trusted name at National Ultrasound. The Toshiba Xario XG ultrasound machine is a mid-range color Doppler shared services ultrasound system.

    19” LCD Monitor with articulated arm and handle, Flexible control panel for repositioning, 2 probe ports with 3 parking ports, Trapezoidal imaging, Contrast Harmonic Imaging, Harmonic TDI (Improved Doppler analysis), Advanced Dynamic Flow (Increased Color Doppler resolution), Micro Flow Imaging (Imaging of contrast medium), Patient Browser (Immediate onboard study reviews), DVI interfaces, iAssist (Remote with Bluetooth), DTHI (Differential Tissue Harmonic Imaging), ApliPure (Spatial & frequency compounding), QuickScan (One-touch image optimization), HPRF (High Pulse Repetition Frequency), Programmable keyboard, Pulse subtraction THI, DVD / CD drive.

    Dimensions: 56.2″ (H) x 21.3″ (W) x 35.4″ (D) Weight: 315 lbs