Toshiba Aplio500 Platinum Ultrasound

Toshiba Aplio500 Platinum Ultrasound

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    Toshiba Aplio500 Platinum Ultrasound

    The Aplio 500 is one of the top model in lead Aplio Platinum series. The Canon Aplio 500 Platinum is the most feature rich system among the Aplio Platinum series.The Canon/Toshiba Aplio 500 is intended to help a full scope of utilization’s and can be utilized as a universally useful technology or a particular framework, contingent upon the planned software and programming.

    TheAplio 500 Platinum with Canon’s notable broad determination of transducers upholds a wide scope of clinical applications.

    A total of 47 transducers are supported by the Canon Aplio Platinum series, including sector, convex, 4D volume, linear, micro convex, TEE, and Pencil transducers. The Canon Aplio Platinum series supports around ten different intra-operative and biopsy enhancement transducers, which improve clinical productivity in interventional procedures.


    We can mention some of the functions of this device:

    • B-mode
    • M-mode
    • MicroPure
    • Stress Echo
    • Color Doppler
    • Elestography
    • Contrast Harmonic Imaging (CHI)