Philips iU22 L9-3 Transducer

Philips iU22 L9-3 Transducer

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    Philips iU22 L9-3 Transducer

    9-3 MHz Linear Transducer for Cerebrovascular, Peripheral Vascular, Internal Mammary, Contrast

    Linear Array Transducer | Probe details:

    • 9 to 3 MHz extended operating frequency range
    • 15 degrees of trapezoid imaging
    • 38 mm effective aperture length
    • Steerable pulsed Doppler, Color Doppler, and Color Power Angio, SonoCT, XRES, Panoramic, and Harmonic Imaging
    • Vascular (carotid, arterial and venous) and superficial imaging applications
    • Precision Doppler with Fine Angle Steering
    • Supports biopsy guide capabilities

    * Not all features available on all systems


    • Cerebrovascular (carotids, vertebrals)
    • Peripheral vascular (venous, arterial)
    • Internal mammary vessels
    • Contrast applications

    Compatible with:

    • iE33
    • iU22
    • HD11 XE
    • HD15
    • HD9