Philips iU22

Philips iU22

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    The iU22 system combines exciting technologies and superb imaging performance on a user-centric ergonomically-designed cart – unlike any other ultrasound system available. The Philips iU22 is precisely the system you need to meet diverse clinical needs while maximizing value. Redstone Healthcare offers new and refurbished systems at affordable prices.

    Technology You Need

    The Phillips iU22 combines user-friendly ergonomics with excellent image quality.


    • A flat-screen LCD
    • Real-time 4-D imaging
    • Integrated DVD/CD RW voice-activated control and annotation

    The iU22’s transducers wield over 9000 active elements or about 35 times the power of many other modern ultrasound probes. This high-powered Phillips machine converys high-resolution clinical images in all situations.

    Service You Trust

    Redstone Healthcare has over 20 years of experience, so we can help you find the machine that’s best for your needs. After you choose your technology, we’ll ship your product to you quickly and safely. We already have machines ready to go in our inventory, so you won’t have to wait.

    Our service doesn’t stop with the selling and servicing of diagnostic imaging equipment. Redstone’s training team will provide the highest level of support to assist you in all your needs.