Philips iE33 X7-2 Transducer

Philips iE33 X7-2 Transducer

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    7-2 MHz Matrix Transducer for Neonatal & Pediatric Cardiology, Epicardial Imaging, Pediatric Abdomen, Neonatal Head, Fetal Echo

    Matrix Transducer | Probe Details:

    • 2D matrix array with 2,500 elements
    • 7 to 2 MHz extended operating frequency range
    • 2D, biplane (Live xPlane), triggered full volume, Live 3D Echo (iE33) or Live Volume imaging (iU22), color Doppler and PW Doppler with 2D, biplane and 3D, XRES, and Harmonic Imaging


    • Neonatal and pediatric cardiology applications (iE33)
    • Epicardial imaging (iE33)
    • Pediatric abdomen, neonatal head, and fetal echo (iU22)

    Compatible systems:

    • iE33
    • iU22