Philips HD11 BP10-5ec Transducer

Philips HD11 BP10-5ec Transducer

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    10-5 MHz Biplane Transducer for Urology, Endorectal, Endovaginal

    Volume Transducer | Probe details:

    • 10 to 5 MHz extended frequency range
    • Field of view: 126°
    • Biplane intersecting sagittal and transverse sectors, 8 mm radius of curvature
    • Steerable pulsed wave and color Doppler, Color Power Angio, harmonic, Freehand 3D, Panoramic, SonoCT, and XRES imaging


    • Urology
    • Endorectal
    • Endovaginal

    Compatible with:

    • HD11 XE
    • HD15