Medison Accuvix V20 color doplor

Medison Accuvix V20 color doplor

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    Medison Accuvix V20 color doplor

    The Accuvix V20’s ultrasound imaging system represents the pinnacle of more than a decade of technological advancement in 3D/4D ultrasound imaging at Samsung Medison.


    3D MXI™, The Future of Volume Imaging

    3D MXI™ is the innovative, cutting-edge volume image processing technology at the heart of the Accuvix V20. Comprising a comprehensive suite of imaging tools – including Multi-Volume Slice™, Mirror View™,

    Multi-OVIX™, and 3D OH™ – 3D MXI™ lets you view, examine, and diagnose volume data with supreme ease, speed and accuracy.

    Premium Functionality

    DMR+™ (DynamicMR Plus)

    Designed to dramatically enrich grayscale resolution, DMR+™ (DynamicMR Plus) enhances border detection and contrast resolution while decreasing speckle echoes. DMR+™ is particularly helpful when evaluating detailed obstetrical, pelvic and abdominal anatomy.

    Auto IMT™

    Auto IMT™ speeds up IMT measurement of the Common Carotid Artery for early diagnosis of increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

    Optimized Clinical Workflow

    Premium Design Features

    • 19-inch High-resolution, Flat Screen Monitor
    • 360° Articulated Monitor Arm
    • Ergonomic Control Panel
    • Backlit Keyboard
    • Low Fan Noise