Carla focus LED Examination Light for Gyne

Carla focus LED Examination Light for Gyne

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    Carla focus LED Examination Light

    In gynaecological use, ideally fixed on the low telescopic stand 40/60 cm PIR00555 or on our rail clamp ETRPM007 with horizontal lamp departure, it allows to work in over/under shoulder and thus to have a lighting facing the pelvis without being disturbed by the lamp location (even when used in combination with a colposcope)

    Light intensity 420 Lumens*
    Colour of temperature  4500°K* (neutral white)
    Colour rendering indexCRI 95/100
    Electric consumption 4.5 Watts

    LED life span: 50 000 h minimum


    Electrical protection: insulation class II
    Standards: IEC 60 601 -1/ -2-41 IEC 60 598-2-25
    Power cable length: 3 meters
    Suggested colors: white and black
    Head dimensions: 6 x 10 cm

    Flexible arm: 65 cm, 100 cm or 123 cm

    Lux * Beam 10° Distance Illuminated diameter
    90 000 30cm 8cm
    35 000 50cm 15cm
    9 000 100cm 25cm

    * Values accurate within +/- 10 %

    Made in France