GE Vivid E95 Echo Ultrasound

GE Vivid E95 Echo Ultrasound

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    GE Vivid E95 Echo Ultrasound

    The Vivid E95 has a long list of premium features for image quality, performance, and advanced technologies.

    As a replacement for the older GE Vivid E9, the E95 has upgraded hardware, more options for single crystal XDclear and XMatrix transducers (for standard imaging, 4D, 4D TEE and standard imaging), and more powerful beam forming software.Improved ergonomics found on the Vivid E95 include a 12″ UHD LCD touchscreen, and adjustable high quality 22″ high-resolution wide screen OLED monitor.

    • Tissue synchronization imaging

    • Intima Media Thickness (IMT)

    • CW Doppler

    • Strain/Strain Rate Mode (option, enabled by Advanced QScan)

    • Tissue Synchronization Imaging Mode (option, enabled by Advanced QScan)

    • 2D stress

    • Auto EF

    • Automated Function Imaging (AFI)

    • Automated Ejection-Fraction Calculation (AutoEF)

    • AFI Stress

    • Contrast Low MI

    • Mitral Valve Assessment

    • Z-Scores

    • Quantitative Analysis Package (Q-Analysis)

    • EchoPAC™/Patient Archive

    • Insite™ Express Connection (ExC) Enables Remote Service and Training 4D Features

    • 4D full volume scanning – single-beat and multi-beat

    • 4D stress

    • 4D Auto AVQ: Automated 4D aortic annulus quantification (dimension, area, circumference)

    • 4D Auto LVQ: Automated 4D left ventricular quantification (volume, ejection fraction)

    • 4D strain

    • 4D LV mass

    • 4V enable (required to run 4V-D probe)

    • HD live