GE 3sc-RS adult cardiac Probe

GE 3sc-RS adult cardiac Probe

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    GE 3sc-RS Transducer


    The 3Sc-RS is a Wide band Phased Array Ultrasound Probe specially designed for a broad spectrum of applications including Cardiac, Pediatric, Cardiology, Coronary, Fetal Heart, Adult Cephalic, Abdominal, and Renal diagnostics. Compatible with an extensive range of GE HealthCare ultrasound systems, this high-quality transducer is tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals, ensuring precise and reliable imaging in various clinical scenarios. Datasheets for specific ultrasound systems contain additional details including specific applications, biopsy availability, and additional probe technical specifications.

    This probe might not be compatible on all releases of the Ultrasound Systems listed below. Please reference the User’s Manual for your system.

    •LOGIQ E

    •LOGIQ E10s

    •LOGIQ F series (F6/F8/F8 Expert)

    •LOGIQ P8/P9/P10

    •LOGIQ P9/P7

    •LOGIQ V1/V2

    •LOGIQ V3/V5/V5 Expert


    •VENUE Fit

    •VENUE Go

    •VERSANA Active

    •VERSANA Balance

    •VERSANA Essential

    •VERSANA Premier

    •VIVID iq

    •VIVID S5N/S6N

    •VIVID S60

    •VIVID S60N (v 206 rev 3)

    •VIVID S70N

    •VIVID T8/T9

    •VOLUSON P6/P8

    •VOLUSON S10/S10 Expert/S8t


    •VOLUSON Swift/Swift+