Emperor EMP3000 Color Doplor

Emperor EMP3000 Color Doplor

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    Emperor EMP3000 Color Doplor


    • Faced with the rapid changes in today’s basic medical care field, practitioner requires a professional ultrasound diagnostic system to meet the needs of general screening. From part presets, measurement kits, analysis reports, video output to report records, and a comprehensive solution. EMP-3000 is sufficient enough to meet all your diagnostic quality requirements.

      Picture in Picture Function

      Display two different scale resolution images at the same time to obtain more accurate tissue imaging information and improve diagnosis efficiency

      IMT Auto Intima Media Thickness Calculation

      Auto IMT is a technology that automatically generates calculation of intima-media thickness in the Region of Interest.

      eTouch One-key Optimization Technology

      Integrating optimization conditions of various application modes in one finger, intelligently and continuously complete image optimization in different modes such as 2D, CFM, PW.

      eView Panoramic Imaging

      Panoramic imaging broadens the scope of view in diagnosis by sequentially aligning individual images in their anatomical context.

      eTSI Tissue Specific Imaging

      Tissue specific imaging is self-adaptive technology in different transition media for optimized image resolution.

      Auto Volumetric Flow Rate Clculation

      Auto-calculation of volumetric flow rate in artery allows efficiency and accuracy in daily diagnosis.