Chison SonoAir 60 Portable Ultrasound

Chison SonoAir 60 Portable Ultrasound

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    Chison SonoAir 60 Portable Ultrasound


    The most innovative portable ultrasound CHISON SonoAir combines high-definition image quality and intelligent features to help physicians achieve a fast and reliable diagnosis. SonoAir offers a comprehensive ultrasound solution with its comfortable and intuitive user experience for your daily point-of-care exams.

    · The lightest and thinnest touch-based laptop ultrasound to meet fast-changing environment.

    · Get away from complex workflows with smart tools designed with ergonomics in mind.

    · Made for diverse applications in the point-of-care area. More possibilities for you to choose.

    · Latest AIR platform

    · 2.1 kg Ultra-light weight(with battery)

    · 26 mm Thickness

    · 14.1 inch Responsive touch screen

    · Easy connect with maximum 4 ports

    · 180+mins for sanning & 36h+ for stand by

    · Touch ID

    · Fast and reliable after-sales service