Aloka Prosound Alpha 10

Aloka Prosound Alpha 10

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    Aloka Prosound Alpha 10

    ProSound Alpha 10 dedicated to enhanced image quality to ensure accurate and efficient diagnosis and greater patient satisfaction.

    Aloka Prosound Alpha 10 – Diagnostic Ultrasound owned to the flagship of Aloka ProSound series. It offers full flexibility and maximum image quality. The improved image quality ensures accurate and effective diagnosis.

    Enhanced image quality ensures more accurate and efficient diagnosis while increasing patient satisfaction. The ideal choice for a large office or hospital imaging department. The Alpha 10 combines a 12 Bit A/D digital beam converter. High powered image processing channels and the exclusive probe technology to take examinations to the next level.

    Sophisticated beam control provides high resolution and penetration while minimizing image degradation. While user-oriented operability and ergonomics create the ideal environment for fast and accurate imaging and diagnoses. The Alpha 10’s Extended Pure Harmonic Detection is a digital pure beam-imaging platform. That incorporates state-of-the-art acoustic technology that dramatically improves the clarity of the ultrasound beam formation and signal processing.

    Striving to eliminate undesirable sound components from the transmitted ultrasound beam itself and with the ever-evolving ProSound technologies ALOKA has created the ProSound A10 platform. With its Ultimate Compounding Technologies, stress-free operation and combination of versatility and performance, the Aloka Prosound Alpha 10 provides the capability for a wide range of sophisticated diagnoses.

    • Compound Pulse Wave Generator allows us to actually design the transmission waveform for individual application. The clear waveform enhances focus accuracy, spatial and contrast resolution, while reducing artifacts.
    • Thanks to Precise Delay Timing Control, the accuracy of reception/transmission delay is four to eight times higher than conventional systems, providing high-resolution beams.
    • Compound Array Probes enhance focus precision in the elevation direction and enable beams to be focused homogeneously from superficial to deep areas of interest.
    • ProSound Unlimited Unlimited expandability via a flexible and scalable system architecture allows for future hardware and
      software upgrades
    • ProSound Usability With ergonomic system architecture, the A10 ensures higher examination efficiency.
    • ProSound Utility The A10 offers various scan methods and probes with a wide range of storage media.