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Instruction In State-Of-The-Art 4D Ultrasound Imaging


Improve Your 4D Knowledge

In this second tutorial in my four-part series on 4D ultrasound scanning, I’ll cover some of the series’ more technical parts.

To fully appreciate what is being discussed here, you need to be familiar with ultrasound physics and the basics of using your ultrasound machine’s 4D imaging capabilities, including saving custom 4D ultrasound image settings. If you bought your 4D ultrasound from Probe Medical, it should come with certain default settings already applied.

Experience the Pain of Failure and Gain Wisdom.

Don’t worry about accidentally damaging your ultrasound machine if you experiment with different settings. This is how I figured it out on my own since (until recently) there wasn’t a manual for making modifications.

Most ultrasound machines contain a reset button that will revert the settings to their factory defaults if you make too many mistakes. This is denoted as “INIT” on the Voluson. If your device doesn’t have a dedicated button for switching to 4D mode, you can simply switch back to 2D and then re-select the 4D mode setting when you first switch to 4D. Doing so will return the computer to its factory defaults.

The Voluson e8 High-Definition

There is no cost. Training at Zero Cost

My network is a straightforward item that has proven to be of great assistance to me throughout the years. In order to learn how the machine works and how to best enhance my image, I have offered free 4D sessions in exchange for individuals letting me experiment with the various parameters. In this way, I ensure that all brand-new ultrasound devices function properly. If you want to get better at something, find a pal who will coach you along the way.

One of the real regulators is quality.

While presets can save you time, they should only be used as a jumping off point. Getting into the nitty-gritty of the image’s technical settings is essential for optimal results.

The 4D image quality of most ultrasound equipment can be adjusted with a simple toggle or dial. This slider is referred to as “Quality” on a Voluson ultrasound machine. There are a few different options, but “High 1” is usually where things start. We can agree that this is not the best possible scenario. In most Voluson systems, this means selecting “Max,” the maximum quality setting. Although increasing quality will decrease your frame rate, the improved 4D image is well worth the wait. Better image quality at the expense of a few frames per second. And if the image quality is low, the frame rate is irrelevant.

 Become a 4D-Probe Master

The better and more efficient your photographs will be, the more time you spend practicing your coordination and dexterity with the probe in 4D mode. Through repetition, you’ll develop muscle memory that allows you to effortlessly shift the probe into an optimal position for creating. Some people find it helpful to visualize the probe as a flashlight and point it at the baby’s face as they move it over the tummy to improve their coordination. This frees your mind to operate in “4D mode,” as opposed to the 2D ultrasound “slice” you’re probably used to.

One of the most common blunders I find is that the probe isn’t moved around sufficiently. It will not be effective to just put the probe in the middle of the stomach and fiddle with the controls. To get a good look at someone’s face, you should use your entire belly, both sides, and the top and bottom. You’ll have to make some unnatural motions to do this, but trust me: it’s well worth it.

The Benefit, the Gain

Make the most of the benefit. Finding the right gain can help you find the right balance between shadows and highlights and reduce the number of artifacts in the picture.

Adjustments for Sound’s Mysterious Blend, Texture, and Smoothness

Almost all 4D ultrasounds will have a “Mix” slider to let you tweak the image’s smoothness or texture. It’s vital to locate these settings on your PC, but they’re not always easy to get to.

Relative volume

The “mix” is what prevents the infant’s face from looking like it has been covered in blisters or is so smooth that it lacks definition. You want a middle ground that satisfies your desire for both a rough exterior and a silky feel on your skin.

Seeing as how some individuals want a smoother image while others prefer more texture, there is no “Magic Number” that can satisfy everyone.


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